Monday, December 7, 2009

Custome Holidays

In general when I am giving a gift to some one I know I like to make it personal and something that they would use and like. When I can I will try and make it but this year for the holidays I seem to have found myself making things for others to give instead, this is something new to me that I have been working on since I started my etsy shop making things with out knowing the person that it is going to. So since it is before the holidays I ant really talk about what I am working on because then it would ruin the presents for the people getting them but I will be posting about them after xmas!

As for the decorating how-to's that I talked about in my last post they are coming sorry that it is taking so long but I am having some problems with furture/ getting things out of boxes but the decorating will start soon. So keep and eye out they will be coming soon!!

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