Saturday, August 28, 2010

Something new

So I have been thinking about alternatives to just clothing to bleach and I came up with these. I bleached fabric and thenstreched it like a canvas.These are just the first couple and they will soon be in the shop. So check in and see them soon!
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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Revisiting the past

Lately I have been cleaning and getting organized and there are a bunch of craft supplies that I have been holding on to because when I get in to a new craft I tend to go crazy and buy way too much. So I have finally decided to get rid of all these crafts that I don't really do any more but instad of just throwing out all of these supplies if I can't find some one that wants them the I am just going to make some thing out of it. Now i just have to decide what to do with all the things that I make, I can either just keep it as a supply of gifts for my friends and family, sell it or just give it away for no reason. I think what I do with the results will depend on what I end up making. So I guess time will tell...

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Featured on Ode To Blue

Just want to say thank you to Ode to Blue for blogging about my posting for my under the see tee

If your favorite color is Blue or just looking for some thing blue you should check out Ode to Blue

Sunday, February 28, 2010

New Favorite Book

So last week I went into the city (NYC) for a supply trip because there are not really any stores that I know of on Long Island that sells booking making supplies so ever since I moved home I take a day off once and awhile to go in to the city to get supplies. This trip I got to go visit my freshman roommate that is now working at Da Vinci Art supply on 21st St. and not only did i fine my friend working but they also had a small but pretty good bookmaking section and a nice supply of paper.

Among the normal bookmaking supplies there was kits by Lineco that are how to for different books and most I have learned to make either in my bookmaking class in college or from books except one a star book. When closed it looks like a accordion book but when you open it, it becomes a star! This is my new favorite book!! The one in the picture above is one of the ones from the kit that I bought but I am working on more of my own style books more to come soon!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Getting organized cheep

So as I has said before now that my Basement is finished and I am setting up my work space that I would post some How-To's as I decorate. So heres my first one it's a very simple one

Hanging Storage for rolls of paper

1) Get zip ties that will go all the way around the rolls that you want to hang.

3) there are many ways that you can hang the chain that you have created in my space there is a drop celling so I just used mini clamps to attach them to the frame.

4)Insert the rolls that you want to store and you are done!
I made mine for my rolls of book cloth but you can really use it for a lot of things.