Sunday, February 28, 2010

New Favorite Book

So last week I went into the city (NYC) for a supply trip because there are not really any stores that I know of on Long Island that sells booking making supplies so ever since I moved home I take a day off once and awhile to go in to the city to get supplies. This trip I got to go visit my freshman roommate that is now working at Da Vinci Art supply on 21st St. and not only did i fine my friend working but they also had a small but pretty good bookmaking section and a nice supply of paper.

Among the normal bookmaking supplies there was kits by Lineco that are how to for different books and most I have learned to make either in my bookmaking class in college or from books except one a star book. When closed it looks like a accordion book but when you open it, it becomes a star! This is my new favorite book!! The one in the picture above is one of the ones from the kit that I bought but I am working on more of my own style books more to come soon!