Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Hand Made With Love

So when ever it is a friends birthday or holiday that involves gift giving I always try to make something personal and special for them because I think that if i just get them something just to get them something its point less because they won't like it and will just throw it out. There are just a few key things to think of in order to give a gift that is actually thoughtful and will be an amazing present.

first just Observe- this is mostly just listening to what they say, they like what they think of, what they use, what they wear just knowing there personality. Then when you go to think about what to get them will come to you naturally.

Second- Don't think that some thing is too simple some thing that is used in everyday if you just make it a little special and just for them will go a long way.

Third- It doesn't need to be perfect if there is thought behind a gift then that will just gloss over the imperfections. 

I just wanted to write about this today because I have been working on a gift for my friend today I wish I could post Some pictures of it but I will not be giving it to her for another couple of days but just put thought behind your actions and it will go along way!

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